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How to build a DaM Good Business - where to start

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

"You can do ANYTHING,

but not EVERYTHING, my dear"

It's overwhelming isn't it? Setting up a business. Running a business. All that pressure! Never ending to do lists, the inherent fear that all your blood sweat and (many, many) tears could all be for nothing, not completely knowing for sure exactly how you're doing...?

There is just so much to do. All. The. Time.

But it's ok. I'm here to help with that. You see, there's a secret. And it's so incredibly simple! Now, simple does not mean easy. They are different things. But simple is good. It means that I know you can definitely do it. If you want to that is.

You see, sharing secrets is cool, but you can't just know this secret. You have to use it.

Knowledge is power, if you are able to enact it.

You will need to take action. I will help and support you, but that's not enough. You need to be the one to actually do it. Deal?

OK. So here it is: you have to go step by step. One DaM thing at a time! You see, there can often be so much to do that we just kind of do... well, nothing.

And then nothing changes. And we're still overwhelmed and then annoyed at ourselves for not doing anything... and yeah. No bueno.

We're going to be seeing exactly HOW we can build a better business, one DaM thing at a time. Want in?

Of course you do. I mean it's free, and everyone loves free stuff.

Join us in the DaM Good Business Club and be first to find out when the next free business advice goes up and get access to exclusive free resources to help you build your knowledge and your business, one DaM thing at a time.

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