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Building Better Business.

One DaM thing at a time.

Sensible, simple, step by step support.

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Hi! I'm Davinia

I'm here to change your business life for the better,

one DaM thing at a time.

I’m a qualified chartered accountant (well, fellow but that let's you know I'm old) and experienced accounting tutor. I still giggle slightly when talking about double entry, and sometimes get a bit too excited about stationery.

I offer bookkeeping and accounting support for small businesses. It is more than just preparation, I want to help more people understand their businesses by helping them understand the language of business - finance and accounting.

I'm going to make your business life better, one DaM thing at a time.

Knowledge is just the beginning

They say knowledge is power. This is only true if you know how to use that knowledge.

You need understanding not just knowledge.

You want insight not just information. 

Wanna build a DaM Good Business?

Of course you do! Get in touch...

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